Beginning this Journey

Budgets are scary.  No, terrifying.  Whenever I heard the word “budget” in the past, I  always ran for the hills.  I equated the word budget with the idea of deprivation.   It meant that I couldn’t buy that dress that I was obsessing over or that I couldn’t get a glass of wine with my dinner.   My goal while paying down my debt is to focus on my budget as a sense of empowerment, since I am finally making the decision to control my finances.  Instead of watching my paycheck disappear within a few hours of hitting my account, I will consciously decide where my money will go.   And that seems like a pretty exciting opportunity to me.

As a way of background, I went to law school where I acquired a mountain of debt.   Then I married my wonderful husband, who happens to be a financial planner.  All of a sudden,  I could no longer run away from my debt.  This website will outline my journey on the path towards financial freedom.

It is important to note, that budgeting to me is a matter of balance.  I do not intend to stop living my life with the sole life purpose of eliminating debt.  Instead, I want to embrace the power of debt.  I want to make financially wise decisions by engaging in mindful spending.  This isn’t about deprivation; it is about focus, strength, research, and knowledge.  Now, I am certainly not an expert and I will be learning along the way and maybe someone reading this blog will be able to learn something too.

Stay tuned for more.





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