Cheap Christmas: Top Ten Gifts Under $30

Only two weeks left until Christmas!  The tree is trimmed, the lights are strung, the Michael Bublé Holiday Station is on full blast.  And the gifts are….uh oh.  For those of you like me, that put off Christmas gift shopping and aren’t willing to fight the crowds at the mall, online shopping is an easy option.  Plus, I think you can get better deals and avoid those impulse purchases at the check out line.   As I was finishing our shopping list, I came across some great steals.  I thought I would share my top ten gift options under $30.  From $10 white elephant gifts to slightly more pricey tech gifts for family, this list has something for everyone!

Under $30

  1. Amazon Dot– Amazon is running a special on this fun tech gift at $29.99.  This is a great gift for all ages and you do not have to be an amazon prime member to use it.  We have one in our kitchen, and recently canceled our prime.  We just hooked it up to our free Pandora account and play our favorite stations through it.  We also use the hands free kitchen timer and the weather updates.  Overall, this is probably one of the most used items in our home.  At $30, it is a steal.
  2. Movie Pass Subscription– This gift is for the big movie fanatics out there.  All you can watch movies in the movie theaters for $9.95 per month?!  Sign me up!  Oh wait, I already did that.  We are in our first month of movie pass and have already seen three movies!  It works at most theaters and although it can be a little challening to get seats to popular movie showings, it is worth the inconvenience.  Now you can give this gift to a family member with a three month pre-paid subscription for $29.85.  Or you know… you can drop hints for friends.
  3. Roku–  Again, this is a household favorite.  For other fellow cord cutters out there, meet your new best friend.  This device is any easy way to play hulu and netflix  through the TV.  It is also small and easy to hide out of sight.  We use ours about every day.

Under $20

  1. Portable Hammock– One way that our families have cut down on Christmas gifts is by doing White Elephant instead of getting gifts for multiple family members.  It saves money and it makes for a fun tradition.  The problem with this game is that your Cousin Rick probably doesn’t want the same thing as Aunt Susie.  It is always a challenging to find gifts that work for either gender and all ages.  This year we decided on the portable hammock as one of our holiday White Elephant Gifts.  I think it appeals to all different family members.  On a side note, we generally try to include gifts that we would want to win.  We are planning on upping our camping game next year to minimize the money spent on vacations, but to still find a way to get away.  So really we are secretly hoping everyone hates the hammock so that we can win it.
  2. Stainless Steel Tumbler– One of these were gifted to me a few years back and it remains one of my most used gifts to date.  Whether you are a coffee addict or a Diet Dr. Pepper addict (who  me?), this tumbler will come in handy to keep your drinks at that ideal temperature longer.
  3. Panini Press– I know, random.  But this is another gift that I got a few years back that has been one of my favorites.  It is great for white elephant because it can be used by all ages.  It is also great for a college dorm, for when you are craving a warm meal but there isn’t easy access to a stove.

Under $10

  1. “If you can read this, bring me a glass of wine” Socks-These are great for White Elephant, assuming everyone if over the age of 21.  It also makes for a great photo op after the game.  We used these last year and they were a hit. Also, if you want you can break the pair up and guft them separately for an even cheaper gift option. 
  2. The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach– What better gift than the gift of financial literacy? Did you really expect me to make it through this list without one financial planning book?  This is definitely one of my favorites.  It really gets you motivated to take a hard look at your finances.   Honestly, I wish someone had gifted this to me in my early twenties.
  3. Easy Budget Debt Snowball Calculator– Speaking of financial gifts, I wanted to support another member of the Debt Free Community and her Debt Snowball Calculator.  This is a great way to map out your debt and create your repayment plan using your real numbers.  This is especially great for recent college graduates who may be overwhelmed by their student loan debt.  This gift is practical and useful.
  4. Blue Tooth Speakers- Ok, so this one is a little over $10 at $10.90….  but it is a great white elephant gift because it can be used by all ages.  It is hard to get a good tech gift under $10, but this one is close and is sure to impress.

Hope this list helps. Happy shopping!  Oh… and Merry Christmas!


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